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(Registered under the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926 – Registered No. 3086)

Affiliated to the International Federation of Actors (FIA)

  1. Name: The Name of the Association shall be Cine & TV Artistes’ Association (hereinafter referred to as the Association) (15/08/1997)

  1. Location:  The headquarters of the Association shall be situated in Greater Mumbai.

  1. Aims and Objectives:

The Cine and TV Artistes’ Association (CINTAA) shall be an autonomous Association having the following aims and objectives:

  1. To nurture a feeling of fraternity and unity among its members and to regulate their professional relations with their employers;
  2. To secure and safeguard the interests, rights and privileges of its members in matters relating to their professional engagement and working conditions. However, the Association is not responsible for securing employment or contracts/assignments for its members.
  3. To promote and encourage high standards of professional conduct and integrity amongst its members and to enhance their skills by holding paid workshops at subsidized rates.
  4. To mediate in professional disputes between members and producers, directors, studios, TV networks, web networks, employers, etc. arising out of any breach or dispute of the terms of their contracts or agreements, with a view to settle them.
  5. To Endeavour to provide aid against sickness, un-employment, infirmity, old age and death to its members.
  6. To Endeavour to secure compensation for members in cases of accidents under the Workmen’s Compensation act and other related laws/ procedures that are legal and equitable.
  7. To provide legal assistance or advice to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to, their employment including legal consultancy and other such support services. Cases to be taken up with the criterion that they pose a threat to Artiste rights in general. Such cases will be scrutinized and decided by the Executive Committee to prosecute or defend.
  8. To try and secure representation of its members on delegations, commissions, committees etc., set-up by the Central or State Governments or the film industry or other bodies where issues concerning Artistes or Acting are to be discussed.
  9. To collaborate with any individual or organization, whether private or governmental, within India or internationally, to promote the aims and objects of the Cine & TV Artistes’ Association including securing and protecting the rights of its members, artistes exchange programs with international bodies as well as initiatives which will help CINTAA members as well as other performers to further their skills.
  10. To help, in accordance with the Indian Trade Unions Act, the working classes in India and outside in the promotion of the objects mentioned in this rule; and generally, to take such other steps as may be necessary to ameliorate the working conditions of the members.
  11. For the attainment of these objects, the Association may organize centers/branches at various locations.
  12. To Endeavour to get recognition to the Association by the public and the Government.
  13. To start branches of the Association and co-ordinate/interphase with institutions with similar aims and objects in various parts of the country.
  14. To do all such things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects.

  1. Financial Year of the Association: The financial year of the Association shall be from 1st January to 31 st December.

  1. Definition: 

Membership of CINTAA is meant for any Indian national performer who is physically, mentally and emotionally fit to perform as an artist and who plays or has been engaged to play a significant role in a feature film, TV serials, Tele films, live performances, advertisement films shown on screen, digital or any new media who reside within the boundary of the Union of India.

Foreign Nationals: Foreign Nationals as well as Non- Resident Indians can obtain work-permit/membership of CINTAA as per applicable rules & paying the prevailing fees. Obtaining work permit/ membership is subject to holding a valid passport and duly valid employment visa/OCI/PIO. The validity of CINTAA work permit/membership card will be in accordance with the validity of dates mentioned on one’s passport/employment visa/OCI/PIO and the earlier date of expiry will be considered. They cannot be granted Life membership nor they would have any voting rights. Such foreign nationals/NRI cannot contest any elections of CINTAA.

Note:- The Executive Committee have the right to frame Byelaws required for live performance or any other media so as to cover only stage appearances as an actor and not celebrities.

  1.  Stages of Membership:

  1. Work-permit First year:  Any individual desirous of becoming a member will have to apply on the prescribed form (physical or online) duly filled and submit with all required documents as informed for a one year work permit along with entrance fees of Rs. 10,000 (non- refundable) by cheque/pay order/ online.

Eligibility: (please note that the Scrutiny Committee has the right to chalk out Administrative guidelines for smooth functioning of the association subject to approval of EC)

  • Proof of successful completion of minimum of 1 year training/diploma/degree etc. (Original & photocopy) along with other necessary documents mentioned in the application form. OR
  • Proof of work in the form of DVD, show reel or links. OR
  • For Freshers -Letter of employment from a production house/channel for a significant character in a film/TV show or an on-camera audition in CINTAA’s office.
  • Any applicant may be called for an Interview/ audition at CINTAA office, if he/she is unable to fulfill the above criterions or if required by the scrutiny committee.

  1. Work-permit Second year:  A work permit holder may apply for a renewal in second year after paying renewal fees of Rs. 10,000/- for the second year within 30 days of expiry of the 1st  year work permit. He/she can also do the same after 30 days but with a late fee of Rs. 100 per month from the date of expiry of 1st  year work permit after giving valid and appropriate proof/reason for the delay. The second-year work permit will only be issued from the date of expiry of 1st  year work-permit and not from the date of fee payment. And the fees paid for the same will not be refunded, under any circumstances. In case of failure to renew his second year work-permit within a period of 12 months from the date of expiry of the 1 st  year work-permit, his/her work-permit will be deemed as canceled. However, he/she may apply for a fresh first year work-permit. During the above 2 years period, work permit holders will not enjoy the right to vote during elections. However, artists' dispute cases, if any, may be taken up during the work-permit term, given that the dispute did not arise prior to issuance of the 1 st year work-permit.

  1. Regular membership:  shall be granted after successful completion of TWO consecutive years of work permit only. There will be an interview / audition /assessment of member’s work and conduct in the past two years and the member will be briefed of his rights and duties towards the association. If he/she is considered and admitted for regular membership, he/she will have to pay one time entrance fees of Rs. 10,000, plus membership welfare fund of Rs. 500/- and a regular subscription of Rs. 1200/- per annum. (Subscription fees of Rs. 1200/- pa is effective to all regular members w.e.f. 1 st  January 2017). A second year work permit holder has to apply for a regular membership in third year within 30 days of expiry date of the second year work-permit. He/she can also do the same after 30 days but with a late fee of Rs. 100 per month from the date of expiry of 2 nd  year work permit after giving valid and appropriate proof/reason for the delay.  In case of failure to apply for his/her regular membership in the third year within a period of 12 months from the date of expiry of 2 nd  year work-permit, he/she will have to undergo the process of obtaining first and second year work-permits all over again in order to become eligible for regular membership.

For Senior or Established Artistes Executive Committee may provide direct Regular Membership upon payment of the full entrance fees of Rs.30,000/- membership welfare fund of Rs. 500/- and a regular subscription of Rs. 1200/- per annum. It is also applicable for Ex-Members applying post cancellation of their names from CINTAA due to nonpayment of their subscription fee or the Ex-members paying all above amounts along with lapsed subscription amounts due to non-payments in order to retain their old membership number .

  1. Life Member :  A person who has attained the age of 18 years and completed Seven consecutive years as regular member without any arrears in subscription can apply for Life membership by paying one-time fee of Rs. 15,000/-. He/ She should have played at least six different prominent characters in feature films, and/or in TV serials or Tele Films, digital or any new media, continuity role in one serial for two-three years. However, the final discretion lies with the Executive Committee.

  1. Child Artiste: The child is defined as a person who is below 18 years of age. There will be separate design card for child artiste for easy identification.

  1. CINTAA shall strive to ensure that the production house should make arrangement and provide proper amenities like quality food with fruit and clean water on time and separate room facility with attached toilet. The Producer should also make arrangements for children to study on the sets in spare time in between the shoots.
  2. Parent/Guardian/Caretaker of the children should be allowed to remain with the children during shooting.
  3. In case of reality shows a child who is eliminated in the round from the show due to his / her weak performance compared to his/her counterparts in the show, be not subjected to adverse/ harsh comments by the judges of the show, otherwise the child may feel humiliated and go into depression.
  4. Proper medical assistance / doctor should be present on the sets.
  5. No child artistes should be replaced without any genuine reasons, if so then their guardians/parents should be informed one month in advance.
  6. The child should not miss school on account of shooting, for more than 10 days in an academic year work.
  7. The working hours and working conditions for child artistes must be in strict compliance with the rules and guidelines prescribed by the Women & Children Welfare Ministry.
  8. Child friendly makeup and lights should be used during shoots.
  9. There should be no violation of child rights such as doing away with lunch break and policy against child abuse should be maintained.
  10. Child artiste is not eligible to apply for Life membership.

Payment for children

Children below the age of 18 years are legally not allowed to operate bank accounts or sign legal documents such as contracts. Therefore, the payment made towards their participation should be in form of fixed deposits under guardianship of their parents/next of kin/guardians. Provided that a minimum of 50% of the payment must be set aside for children in fixed deposits or bonds that mature when they reach the age of 18 years. Out of the 50% given to parents / guardians the balance payment of school fee for that particular academic year should be cleared thus ensuring continuation in the school and indirectly assisting parents. The child’s parent would naturally be the formal guardians unless a case is made out that it would be against the best interests of the child.

  1. Honorary Members:  Eminent Persons who are willing to work for the welfare of the Association and its members may join the Association as Honorary members of the Association. The term of such honorary members of the Association will be in compliance with the term of existing Executive Committee only. Subject to the provisions of Section 22 of the Indian Trade Unions Act, 1926, their number shall not         exceed 3 (three).  An honorary member may attend and speak at the meetings only by invitation, However he/she shall not be entitled to vote.

7A        Exempted Members:

  1. The Senior Cine & TV Artiste members, of the Cine & TV Artistes Association who have crossed the age of 65 years and have been actively working in films for the last twenty years and have been regular members of the Association for the last five years and are up to date with yearly subscription may be exempted, on application with valid proof of performance to the Executive committee, from paying the yearly subscription.  Such exempted members shall not be eligible to contest the election nor shall have         any voting rights. However, he or she shall be entitled to all other benefits available to members. To         regain regular membership, the exempted members shall have to clear the arrears for the period of exemption.

  1. The Senior Cine & TV Artiste members, of the Cine & TV Artistes Association who have completed age of 60 years and have been members of the Association continuously for a period of 15 years should be exempted from the payment of monthly subscription of the Association as long as they live. Such exempted members shall have the voting rights and are eligible to contest the elections.

  1. Cessation of Membership:        A member ceases to be such:

  1. If he requests the Executive Committee in writing to have his name removed from the Register, after having all his dues, if any, paid up-to-date.

  1. In case of failure to renew his/her regular membership within a period of 12 months from the date of expiry, then from 13 month onwards a penalty of Rs. 100 per month will be levied over and above the regular subscription fees to be paid. However, if for a period of 60 months after the renewal date, the pending fees and the late-fees are not paid, his/her membership will be terminated. After that, if the person chooses to seek membership again, s/he will have to re-apply by fulfilling all the requirements for new members all over again.

  1. A member shall be expelled where any act done by  a member may be directly and/or indirectly hostile, prejudicial, condemning, defaming and/or maligning CINTAA and/or the interests of CINTAA and/or the interests of any of its members and/or work permit holders and/or any other associates, affiliates and/or related parties of CINTAA such acts shall include but not be limited to  posting and/or uploading any  such material on social- media and/or any other public platforms and/or in print media.

It is clarified here that, CINTAA shall be open in receiving grievances of members which the Executive Committee will take prompt and strict note of and scrutinize and investigate the same. If any of the above said acts as mentioned in sub clause 8(c) are committed by any of the member, the said member shall be summoned by the Executive Committee for a meeting at a date and time fixed by the Executive Committee and the member shall be given a chance to provide his/her clarification at such meeting and the decision taken by the Executive Committee at/as per such meeting will be binding on the member who shall then be expelled. It is clarified that in such events the member will be given one notice to attend the said meeting with the Executive Committee and in event the said member does not attend the meeting for any reason whatsoever and/or is unable to provide an explanation which is satisfactory in the opinion of the Executive Committee he/she may be expelled in the said meeting and the same will be without any liabilities on CINTAA. There after the said member will be informed in writing of such expulsion. If, a member so expelled, has not been heard due to his/her unavailability for the said meeting he/she may within 15 days of such meeting send a written request to CINTAA for a meeting and accordingly the Executive Committee shall provide a chance to explain his/her conduct. If in such meeting an explanation is not forthcoming, or is not satisfactory in the opinion of the Executive Committee, the expulsion of the member concerned be discussed at the next General Meeting, or if deemed necessary by the Executive Committee at an Extra-ordinary General Meeting and any repeal of the expulsion will be based on a vote count of the members voting in favour of or against such expulsion. It is to be understood by members that an Extraordinary General Meeting would need huge costs to be incurred for the same hence such meetings will only be held if the same is deemed extremely imperative by the Executive Committee for all its members and CINTAA as an association and not otherwise.  Further, to enable the members to vote in an independent manner, such expelled member may be allowed to present his/her explanation to the house but shall not be allowed to vote or be present during voting at the said meeting. The said member shall not be entitled to the privileges of membership, pending the decision of such General Meeting. (01.05.2016)

  1. Benefits:
  1. Members can avail various benefits at subsidized rates through benevolent works undertaken by CINTAA including but not limited to empanelment with various hospitals, physicians, dentists, pathologists, eye- surgeons, Talent – management, wellness programme etc.
  2. The membership card is a documentary proof of being a bonafide member of a Registered Trade Union Body, proof of member’s identity and can be useful in securing visas.
  3. Membership Card helps in establishing your identity, profession during the times of law and order situations.
  4. Professional disputes of members against any producer in respect of Film/TV Serial will be considered by the Association from day one from the date of grant of work permit of the Association; however disputes prior to issue of work permit will not be entertained. Also, even after the grant of work-permit or regular membership, disputes which are more than three years old will not be entertained. However, the discretion to take up the case shall rest with the Executive Committee.
  5. Member may attend workshops organized by CINTAA at nominal price.
  6. Compensation:
  1. In case of unfortunate Accidental Death of the Member on shooting set – Rs 2 lakhs to the nominee of the deceased.
  2. In case of Natural Death of the Member Rs. 1,00,000/- to the nominee, provided he has completed minimum period of 5 years of Membership on or prior to the date of demise.
  3. In case of Partial or Permanent Disability due to accident on set & loss of any part of the body – Rs. 75,000.

        Compensation in case of {9-vi (a & b)} will only be given to the nominee of the Deceased on submission of the (i) application; (ii) death certificate of the Member; (iii) Affidavit containing the names, ages, occupation & addresses of all the legal heirs of the deceased member (iv) Indemnity from the Nominee on Rs.100 stamp paper stating that the claim paid to the nominee shall be disbursed by him to the legal heirs of the deceased member and all such liability shall solely rest upon nominee & CINTAA shall not be responsible in this regard (v) a letter from nominee addressed to CINTAA and documents showing the identity of the ‘nominee’. In the absence of Nominee on the record of CINTAA, the claim shall be paid to the spouse of the deceased, if any. Only a member, who has no outstanding dues to the association on the date of the unfortunate event or/and was not given any kind of monthly help in the form of ‘Relief’/ Financial help/Medical assistance during his/her life by CINTAA and or CINE Artiste Welfare Trust, will be eligible for compensation under the above Clause {9-vi (a, b & c)}. The above compensation will be paid to the Nominee Member/or family Member of the deceased ONLY.

It is clarified that this compensation is as a welfare measure and not payable against any claim whatsoever raised against the CINTAA by any thus suffered member/nominee during the course of his employment with any Employer and shall be subject to the conditions laid herein for disbursement.

  1. Emergency Medical Relief up to Rs. 50,000/-, provided he/she has completed minimum period of 5 years of Regular Membership.
  2. Medical/Financial Assistance, 'Relief' to the needy and deserving members only through Association / Cine Artiste Welfare Trust provided he / she is a Member of CINTAA continuously for a minimum period of 5 years as on the date of the application and he / she should be above 65 years of age.

However final discretion lies with the Committee. The aforesaid benefits will not be available to the Members in default of their subscription unless exempted. The amount of aforesaid compensation may be reviewed from time to time by the Executive Committee Members of CINTAA, depending upon the corresponding financial strength of CINTAA.

  1. Administration: The affairs of the Association shall be administered by:

  1. General Body : The General Body, comprising of Regular and Life members of the Association shall be the overseeing body and will function in accordance with the Constitution of CINTAA. The General Body will have the right to re-examine the decisions of the Executive Committee, where it believes that the interests of the Association may be compromised. However, such contentions issues shall be resolved amicably and in a calm and civilized manner so as to prevent a law and order situation.

  1. Executive Committee : The Executive Committee will function as per the guidelines and authority accorded to it in the Constitution of CINTAA, and will be responsible for implementing the objectives of CINTAA and for its day-to-day functioning.

  1. Executive Committee:         The entire management of the Association shall be vested in the Executive Committee consisting of 21 Members out of which 15 shall be elected by ballot, every Three years at the election held at the day of Annual General Meeting, from amongst the members of the Association (besides 6 by co-option). The names of 15 elected Executive Committee Members will be announced in the Annual General Meeting and office bearers and 6 co-opted Executive Committee members names will be shared later with members of the Association by publishing on website/emails



        Senior Vice President

Vice President                        

General Secretary


Senior Joint Secretary

                        Joint secretary        

  1. Eligibility for co-opted Executive Committee members: -He/she should be a regular member of the Association for a minimum period of 3 years.
  2. Bifurcation for co-opted Executive Committee members: - 2 women, 2 Sr. citizen and 2 young members.
  3. The Executive Committee shall meet once a month on a day, place and time fixed by the General Secretary, in consultation with the President. However, emergency meetings can be held whenever necessary.
  4. Seven members plus at least one of the Office-bearers shall form the Quorum.
  5. If any member of the Executive Committee, including the Office-bearers, fails to attend a minimum of six monthly Executive Committee meetings out of 12 such meeting held in any year of the term of that Executive Committee without giving prior written notice and/or without sufficient reason he/she shall cease to be a member of the Executive Committee.  However, discretion shall remain with the Executive Committee to continue with such member. (01.05.2016)
  6. In the unexpected event of an Office Bearer's position falling vacant, the Executive Committee shall fill up the same by appointing an elected member of the Executive Committee to the said post. In case there is a vacancy created in the Executive Committee, for any reason whatsoever, then the same shall be filled by the Executive Committee by means of co-option from among the Regular, Life members of the Association, as may be the case. The Executive Committee will ensure that its strength never falls below 21 for more than a month.
  7. The Executive Committee shall have the power to form sub-committees for the purpose of fulfilling the aims and objectives of CINTAA further for smooth functioning of outreach and other administrative activities as and when required, and induct regular and life members of the association in these sub-committees.
  8. To reach out to each and every member, the Executive Committee has the right to appoint Group Heads and sub Group Heads accordingly. The Executive Committee shall be empowered to prepare a proper strategy in regards to rights and duties of these Group heads. The Executive is not entitled for any rewards but the Executive Committee has the right to reward entitlements to these Group heads.
  9. President, General Secretary and Treasurer shall be the ex-officio Members of all the Sub-Committees so appointed which prevails in all the Associations.
  10. The Executive Committee shall have power to frame administrative rules, for the efficient working and the general conduct of the Association, whenever deemed necessary.  
  11. Bye-laws will be guiding force for the Executive Committee to govern the CINTAA as per the Constitution hence the Executive Committee shall have the power to amend/add any of the bye-laws at any time, provided that more than 50% of the total numbers of the Executive committee are present at the meeting or have consented through electronic media.
  12. Any Executive Committee member (including an Office Bearer) found guilty of any act of misconduct, misdemeanor or any action against the interest of the Association shall be issued a show-cause notice, whereupon his/her explanation will be heard by the Executive Committee or a sub-committee appointed by it. If the said member's testimony is found unsatisfactory, then the member may be suspended or terminated from being the member of the Executive Committee by the Executive Committee.
  13. Any member who started his/her career as a Cine & TV Artiste and remained in prominence in that profession for 20 years or more and now is a Producer but not holding any offices or is a member of         the Executive Committee of producers body, can be eligible for holding office in Cine & TV. Artistes'         Association but will not participate in case of any kind of complaint against him or her from any         member in the Dispute Settlement Committee of Cine & TV. Artistes' Association.

  1. Functions of the Executive Committee:
  1. President /Sr. Vice-President/ Vice-President: The President, or in his absence the Sr. Vice-President /Vice-President shall preside at all meetings of the Association and the Executive Committee and shall represent the Association in general with the consent of the Executive Committee. In the absence of the President and the Sr Vice-President /Vice-President the members present shall elect one of their members to be the Chairperson of the Meeting.

  1. General Secretary: The General Secretary will be responsible for the day-to-day functioning of the Association and its office.
  1. The General Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee.
  2. The General Secretary shall convene all the Executive Committee Meetings in consultation with the President of CINTAA.
  3. The General Secretary shall have the authority to appoint office staff, including senior administrators or executives or managers or specialists or consultants as considered necessary for the Association, in consultation with the President of CINTAA and subject to the approval of the Executive Committee.
  4. The General Secretary along with the Treasurer will keep all accounts and prepare a Balance Sheet annually showing clearly every item of Receipt and Expenditure.
  5. The General Secretary along with the Treasurer shall submit all the returns and notices to the Registrar of Trade Unions, which are required to be submitted.

  1. Joint Secretaries: The Joint Secretaries will assist the General Secretary in the performance of his/her tasks and duties. In the absence of the General Secretary, one of the Joint Secretaries designated by the General Secretary shall perform all the duties of the General Secretary.

  1. Treasurer:  
  1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining due accounts of the finances of the Association, and present monthly financial reports to the Executive Committee, and annually to the General Body.
  2. The Treasurer will sanction payment towards all expenditure sanctioned by the Executive Committee.
  3. The Treasurer will have the authority to sanction day-to-day expenses.

  1.  Ordinary General Meeting:

  1. During the year at least one General meeting shall be held; being the Annual general Meeting, the notice of which shall be sent to the members a month before the holding of such a meeting.
  2. ¼ (one fourth) of the total number of members then on the register shall form the quorum at all General meeting of the Association. In the absence of a quorum at a General Meeting the meeting shall stand adjourned, without fresh notice, to the same day, after fifteen minutes at the same place.  An adjourned meeting need have no quorum.  This rule shall not apply to the Executive Committee meetings.
  3. Any Resolution which a member desires to place before the General meeting shall be sent in writing duly proposed and seconded a fortnight before the date of such meeting to the Executive committee, which shall be circulated to the members by post/ electronic and/or web publishing for information of the members at least a week before the General meeting (09/04/1978).
  4. The Constitution may be added to, repealed, or amended by a resolution at an Ordinary or Extra-ordinary General Meeting, provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed, unless it has been carried by a majority of two-third of the members present but in consonance to the attractable existing laws.
  5. Any member or body of members in office shall vacate the same when in a General Body meeting; where one fourth of the total number of members must be present a no-confidence motion by a simple majority is carried out against them/him/her.
  6. Any Hon. Member or any other invitee can attend a meeting of the Executive Committee or General Body or Extra-Ordinary General Meeting on invitation issued by the Executive Committee.  
  7. The Legal advisor of this association can attend any meeting of the Executive Committee or of the General Body ex-officio without any invitation.

  1. Business at Ordinary General Meeting: The following business shall be transacted at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. To present Annual Report of the activities of the Association, to confirm minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting and any other matter which the General Secretary has placed on the agenda.
  2. To adopt Audited Annual Statements of Accounts and to appoint auditors and fix their remuneration.
  3. Annual General Meeting is preordained for specific important agendas including the presentation of activity reports for the work done by the Executive Committee and such other agendas the nature of which may require certain information to be provided to members in advance. Accordingly, members may send their questions /comments /suggestions if any, to CINTAA’s office 15 days prior to the date of the Annual General Meeting. The notice sent by CINTAA to its members shall be in writing and shall be deemed to be duly served on to the members by email/courier/post at the respective email addresses/addresses of each member as may be available in the CINTAA records at the time of dispatch of the said notices. The members will be solely liable to keep CINTAA informed of any change in his/her address and for the purposes of dispatch of the said notice the address available in CINTAA records at least 15 days prior to the date of such dispatch will be deemed to be the correct address for such dispatch and delivery. The Executive Committee will assess the questions put forth by the members as stated above and if deemed appropriate for discussion in the said Annual General Meeting the same shall be placed in Annual General Meeting keeping in mind time constraints at that time. No further questions other than as included in the agenda of the Annual General Meeting as finalized by the Executive Committee members will be entertained at the said Annual General Meeting and any further questions/comments/suggestions if any required to be raised and/or clarified by the Members will be responded to in writing through the CINTAA’s Office only after the same has been submitted for such response by the members at the CINTAA office. With a view to make all Annual General Meetings fruitful and beneficial for all members including the members who attend the same as per the pre-defined agenda no further/new questions/comments/suggestions other than those which form a part of the agenda finalized by the Executive Committee for the Annual General Meeting, will be entertained or answered at the Annual General Meeting unless otherwise required by the Chairperson. In order to ensure that members can express their views on the proposed important resolutions and proposed constitutional amendments or additions the Executive Committee will keep “Zero Hour” of 20 minutes in Annual General Meeting prior to voting on the proposed important resolutions/amendments/additions. Members may send their suggestions in writing at CINTAA’s office 15 days prior to the date of the of Annual General Meeting  as to in which slot of the meeting “Zero Hour” should be held.(01.05.2016)

  1. Extra Ordinary General Meeting: An Extra-Ordinary General meeting shall be convened by the Executive committee on their own         authority or on the written and signed requisition of at least three fourth of members of the        association.  Such a meeting can be convened after forty-eight hours’ notice to the members of the Association.  No member shall be permitted to discuss any subject other than the one for which the meeting is called.  In case, the President or the General Secretary fails to convene such a meeting, the requisitionist themselves shall call a meeting, after due notice the requisitionist shall inform the Executive Committee to post his/her query/grievance on the website of CINTAA for the voting of the members on the same. The office of the Association will cooperate to inform the same to all the members. At the end of 15 days period from the date of posting queries/ grievance on the website, if the total number of votes in favour of the same is more than or equal to 1/3 of the total number of members of the Association, only then will the requisionists be allowed/permitted to conduct an Extra Ordinary General Meeting (EGM) and the proceedings and expenses of the meeting shall be binding on the Association.

  1. The General Funds:  The General funds of the Association shall consist of the subscriptions fees from members, entrance fees from work-permit, life-membership fees, donations, and income arising from recognized sources etc.  They shall be deposited in Bank or Banks, approved by the Executive Committee in the name of the Association, and the account shall be operated by the Treasurer and any one of the  President or the General Secretary.  The General Secretary or the Treasurer shall not keep more than Rs.15,000/- (Rupees Fifteen Thousand Only) in cash with office for current expenses. The Executive Committee shall have the power to spend such monies, as they deem necessary for the activities and the up-keep of the Association.  The Committee may adopt such measures as necessary to increase the funds of the Association, by organizing funds raising events and may invite donations.

  1. Objects on which the general funds can be expended: Subject to the provisions of section 15 of the Indian Trade Union Act, 1926 the general funds of the Association shall not be spent on any other objects than the following, namely:-
  1. Salaries, allowances and other benefits to employees, consultants, retainers and other service-providers to the Association.
  2. The payment of expenses for the administration of the Association including audit of the accounts of the general funds of the Association.
  3. The prosecution or defense of any legal proceedings to which the Association, or any member thereof is a party, when such prosecution or defense is undertaken for the purpose of securing or protecting any rights of the Association as such, or any rights arising out of the relations of any member with his employer or with a person whom the member employs. The Executive Committee may use its discretion to offer legal and financial support to members who may be fighting cases that have a relevance to CINTAA’s objective to secure and protect its members' rights.
  4. The conduct of trade disputes on behalf of the Association or any member thereof,
  5. The compensation of members for loss arising out of trade disputes;
  6. Expenses arising out of any activity or initiative undertaken by the Association to further its objectives and any meetings representing CINTAA outside Mumbai limits.
  7. Medical or other Welfare allowances to members as decided by the relevant sub-committees responsible for such recommendations, and as approved by the Executive Committee.
  8. Expenses related to the General Body Meetings, website, digital-apps or any other publishing or communication activity of the Association.
  9. The payment in furtherance of any of the objects on which the general funds of the Association may be spent, or contribution to any cause intended to benefit workmen in general, provided that the expenditure in respect of such contributions in any financial year shall not at any time during the year be in excess of one-fourth of the combined total of the gross income which has to that time accrued to the general funds of the Association during that year, and of the balance at the credit of those funds at the commencement of that year and; Any payments/expenses that may have to be incurred by CINTAA in excess to the above specified extent shall have to be approved in the Annual General Meeting or Special/Extra Ordinary General Meeting to be convened for sanction of such excess amount.
  10. Subject to any conditions contained in the notification, any other object notified by the appropriate Government in the Official Gazette.
  11. Expenses related to presentation of some mementos or presents to distinguished visitors organizing and/or attending seminars/ workshops/outreach and other activities as deemed fit in India and abroad.

  1. Audit:
  1. Certified auditors shall be appointed by the Association.  They shall examine the accounts of the Association once a year and at least fifteen days before the date of the Notice of the Annual General Meeting, and prepare a balance sheet, and shall certify as to the correctness of the same, and their report shall be presented at the Annual General Meeting.

  1. Inspection of Book of Accounts:

The books of accounts of the Association shall be open to the inspection of any member or officer at the office of the Association during the hours which the office of the Association is open on any day excluding holidays, with prior permission from the General Secretary. However, all Executive Committee members of the Association will be at liberty to inspect the books of accounts during office hours without prior intimation/permission of the General Secretary.

  1. Elections:

  1. Elections shall be held at the day of the Annual General meeting after expiry of one term i.e. three years.
  2. Any Regular Member whose subscription is not in arrears and any Regular or Life member whose membership is not under suspension is eligible to nominate himself/herself to contest the election to the Executive Committee, provided s/he fulfills the eligibility criteria as listed in the relevant section below.
  3. Voting by proxy shall not be allowed.

  1. Eligibility:
  1. No Member shall be eligible to contest the election unless he or she has completed minimum period of Seven years of regular membership of the Association. (01.05.2015). Any contestant filling nomination form for election of Executive Committee member of CINTAA shall deposit Rs. 5000/-. This deposit shall be forfeited in case the candidate gets less than 10% of the cast votes.
  2. All Executive Committee members are required to work impartially and ensure the furtherance of the Aims and Objectives of CINTAA in an impartial manner accordingly members of CINTAA who engages himself in the business/profession/work of a casting coordinator and/or casting director shall not be eligible to contest CINTAA elections nor shall have any voting rights. However he/she shall be entitled to all other benefits available to members as a Cine and TV Artist employed in the Film Industry, as long as such Coordinator does not commit any act which in the opinion of the Executive Committee is inconsistent with the dignity of the profession of an Artist and does not in any way prejudice the Aims and Objectives of CINTAA, in which event Executive Committee shall be entitled to expel his/her membership, without any liability on CINTAA.(01.05.2016)
  3. A CINTAA member who is already a member of the Executive Committee (or equivalent body) of any producers' association or guild will not be eligible to contest for the post of Executive Committee member of CINTAA. (If, during his/her term as Executive Committee member or as Office Bearer, s/he were to become a member of the Executive Committee (or equivalent body) of any producers' association or guild, then s/he will have to resign from her/ his position in the Executive Committee of CINTAA.
  4. The contestant will have to submit an affidavit at CINTAA’s office that he/she is not involved in any criminal activities or details therein, if required by the concerned scrutiny committee.

  1. Process:
  1. Voting will be by Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) process, after due testing and after due safeguards are confirmed by the Executive Committee with the help of experts consulted by them.
  2. Prior to the election, the Executive Committee shall appoint the Election committee. The election committee will consist of not less than five members of the Association who are not contesting the election and are regular members of the Association for not less than 7 years.
  3. On receipt of the candidature/nomination papers, the same shall be scrutinized by the Election Committee appointed by the Executive Committee, to determine the validity of their candidature and if found invalid, then such candidature/nomination application will be disqualified by the election committee.
  4. The Election Committee will be headed by a Scrutinizer who is a non-member of the Association such as auditors/ legal advisors of the Association appointed by the Executive Committee.
  5. The Scrutinizer will monitor the election process along with the election committee and on completion of the process will announce the results. The number of votes polled by each and every contestant will be announced/published on website.

  1. Vacancies and Re-election:
  1. In case of vacancy of any Officer Bearer caused by the cessation of membership, demise or illness or resignation or shifting of residence or by any directive of the Executive Committee or General Body, then the same shall be filled in by an elected member of the Executive Committee.
  2. In case of vacancy of the office of Treasurer due to any reason, re-election shall be held immediately within the elected member of the Executive Committee to elect the new TREASURER from amongst the Executive Committee members. In the gap period till re-election, the President and the General Secretary shall operate the bank accounts and look after routine financial matters.
  3. If 50% or more seats of the elected members of the Executive Committee fall vacant at a time due to resignation or any other reasons, the existing Executive Committee will be dissolved immediately and a fresh election shall be conducted.

  1. Register of members: The Association shall keep a register of all the members containing their names and particulars of their residences etc. The register shall be open to inspection by any member or officer at the Head office for valid purpose during the hours during which the office of the Association is open on any weekday excluding holiday, with prior permission from the General Secretary.

  1. Interpretation of the Constitution:  The interpretation of the Constitution and of its construction and effect rest with the Executive Committee; and any ruling given by the Executive Committee shall be final and binding on all members.

  1. Dissolution of the Association: The Association shall not be dissolved except by the vote of a majority of three-fourths members present at the General meeting called for the purpose, provided the total number of votes cast at such a meeting is not less than two-thirds of the total number of the members then on the rolls of the Association. The funds of the Association after meeting all the liabilities shall be disposed of in accordance with the decision of the dissolution meeting in compliance with the then existing Trade Union Laws.

  1. Affiliation: CINTAA is not a political party and does not intend to be known as an affiliate of any political party accordingly CINTAA as an association will not be an affiliate of and/or associate itself with any political party and will not promote any political party directly and/or indirectly.