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Established in the year 1958 it was named as CINE ARTISTES’ ASSOCIATION. Later, in 1997, with the advent of Television and private channels, the name was changed to CINTAA (Cine & TV Artistes’ Association). Governed by an elected executive committee that works on an honorary basis; CINTAA has its membership base of over 9,000 members. Our Association (CINTAA) is an autonomous body registered under the Indian Trade Union Act, having following aims and objectives:

  • To nurture a feeling of fraternity and unity among its members and to regulate their professional relations with their employers;
  • To promote and encourage high standards of professional conduct and integrity amongst its members and to enhance their skills by holding paid workshops at subsidized rates.
  • To mediate in professional disputes between members and producers, directors, studios, TV networks, web networks, employers, etc. arising out of any breach or dispute of the terms of their contracts or agreements, with a view to settle them.
  • To Endeavour to provide aid against sickness and injury, unemployment, infirmity, old age and death to its members.

To provide legal assistance or advice to members in respect of matters arising out of or incidental to, their employment including legal consultancy and other such support services.

Our History

The movement of forming an Artiste Association started in the year 1939 and the “Film Artistes’ Association of India” was formed in the same year.The veteran artiste late Shri Sohrab Modi was its first President. Later on in 1954, the name of the said “Film Artistes’ Association of India” was changed to “Film Artistes’ Guild”.

On 24th Feb, 1958, an informal meeting was held at the residence of late Shri Manmohan Krishna, which was also attended by other Late artistes, namely, Ms.Durga Khote, Ms.Leela Chitnis, Mr.Kanhaiya Lal, Ms.Achla Sachdev, Mr.Jeevan, Mr.Bipin Gupta, Mr.K.N. Singh, Mr.Mubarak Merchant, Mr.Gajanan Jagirdar, Mr.Sajjan, Mr.Jagdish Sethi, Mr.David Abraham, Mr.Madan Puri, Mr.Nazir Hussain & living legend veteran artiste Ms.Kamini Kaushal.

In the said meeting “CHARACTER ARTISTES’ ASSOCIATION” was formed.

Thereafter, in the meeting of the above founder members held on 17th March, 1958 at Shree Sound Studios the First Executive Committee consisting of the following office bearers was elected :

Ms. Durga Khote – President

Mr. Mubarak Merchant – Vice-President

Mr. Manmohan Krishna – General Secretary

Mr. David Abraham – Treasurer

Mr. Sajjan – Joint Secretary

On 30th June, 1958, the “Character Artistes’ Association” was registered under Registrar of Trade Union .In the year 1958 the Association was affiliated to Federation Of Western India Cine Employees. Nearly 95 members were enrolled in the first year and late Shri Murad H.A. had the honor of being its 1st President.