Supernatural creatures to shape shifting animals: How low will Indian TV go?

A man turns into a tiger and goes for the kill. A nagin (shape-shifting snake) transforms into a woman, with perfect make-up, mind you, in the blink of an eye. A girl is wooed by a gorilla. Witches and ghosts live with mortals in the same house. A tantric curses a bahu to become a housefly. These are some examples of the kind of shows on Indian television today. While there may be serials that are family dramas or have the saas-bahu element, what’s raking in the ratings these days is the supernatural trend. What started as a passing fad two years ago refuses to fade away. What makes Indian viewers get hooked on to such shows and not find them regressive? How low can content on Indian television go?

No creativity, no thought

The state of television today can be blamed on the herd mentality of the shows’ makers, who don’t waste a moment to capture the hit ongoing trend. Producers and channels seem to be in a blind rush to jump on the supernatural bandwagon. The craze has increased since producer Ekta Kapoor’s weekend show, Nagin, became a TRP chartbuster. According to experts, the supernatural trend also works because instead of horrifying, the witches and nagins are beautiful women. The viewers don’t get scared.