Do's and Don't

  1. Pay the subscription of the association regularly preferably without any reminder from the association.
  2. Any change in your address or telephone number should be conveyed in writing to Cine & TV Artistes’ Association’s office immediately for correspondence and record purposes.
  3. Please read all communication from the associations carefully. There may be some important information for you.
  4. Under instruction from the Federation, the association sometimes issues the instruction to in a particular Film/TV serial. Make sure that you the instruction since CINTAA is a very important part of the Federation which consists 21 other crafts connected with the film and TV media, the same must be carried out sincerely. Disobedience of such instruction can lead to disciplinary action against erring member.
  5. A member should ensure that they have something in writing from the producers to confirm the agreed amount to be paid by the producers to the artistes to avoid any dispute afterwards.
  6. If you are working on per day basis in any TV Serial/ Films, in the absence of any agreement, please keep a record of your shooting details, viz date of shooting, location, timing etc and get it signed/ confirmed by the concerned producer/production incharge/Executive producer or any of the authorized  representative of the producer, to avoid any dispute regarding your shooting dates in future, preferably.
  7. Ensure that complaint reaches the office of Cine & TV Artistes’ Association before  dubbing and final editing of the picture starts. In the case of TVSerial, the complaints should reach to CINTAA before the serial goes off air/ before the last schedule.
  8. Keep your membership card always with you while working and produce, whenever asked for, by  the vigilance committee of CINTAA or the federationof western India Cine Employees.
  9. While working, please ensure that your co- artiste is a member of CINTAA and if not, request him/her to be a part of the “Biradari” to ensure member -to- member working. This is an understanding not only between the Producer Bodies  and Federation but also with the CHANNELS and CINTAA.
  1. Do not sign blank or incomplete vouchers. (For example if you have received conveyance then while signing the voucher clearly mention that “Payment towards conveyance only” and like  wise if you are getting your payment through cheque or cash then clearly mention that the payment for particular episode/ particular shooting date/ particular month etc. Before singing please go through it carefully and the only sign.
  2. Do not sign the agreement without reading each and every clause and sign only when the same are properly understood and acceptable to you. In the case of any change in any clause of the agreement then sign not only your copy but the producer’s file copy too.
  3. Do not keep a major portion of your remuneration to be paid on dubbing. To avoid such payment, the producer may get your voice dubbed by someone  else.
  4. Do not dub any other artists voice without his or her written consent, it is most objectionable and unethical and can happen with you too.
  5. Under any circumstances do not leave the sets while shooting without the consent of the producer/director/ Executive producer in spite of great provocation and inconvenience – contact  Cine & TV Artistes’ Association’s office in such cases.
  6. Do not accept any replacement role of any of your co- artiste until and unless you receive NOC fro the concerned artiste.
  7. When you make a complaint against any producer, please strictly deal directly with you Association and do not deal with the association through your secretary or any other representative etc. as the communication get lost.
  8. As per the directives of federation of western India Cine Employees do not work on 26th January, 1st may and 15th August, as these days are compulsory holiday.
  9. Do not misbehave physically or verbally with any of your producers(s), Co-worker(s), Staff during the shooting.
  10. Do not sign an agreement where the producers kept a provision that in case of any dispute the same shall be as per ” Arbitration Act 1940″ and the members should insist the producer  that in such circumstances the matter should be  referred to respective association in the interest of the both the parties.
  11. Do not give any press statement in case of any disputed matter with producer or vice versa, under any circumstances
The Members are requested to keep the above point of view while discussing or reaching the agreement with producers.