57th AGM – 1 May 2016

Annual General body Meeting of Cine & TV Artistes Association was held on 1st May, 750 members attended. 90% of resolutions were passed either unanimously or with a thumping majority. Members have congratulated us for conducting such an AGM, unanimous reaction is that they haven’t seen such an AGM in CINTAA in a very long time.

Our president Mr Om Puri announced that he will donate 1% of his annual income to CINTAA, I have decided to follow suit and hope many more will follow. We need to reach out to the Central Government to regulate the tv industry and I have pledged to get us an appointment with the I & B Minister this year. The exploitation of Artistes is a serious issue, 14 to 18 hours of shoot and payment after 90 days of telecast is unjust and inhuman. This coming year we are going to organize numerous events for our members in order to bring a feeling of solidarity and to make CINTAA membership a life enriching experience. Very soon we will host a gala event for our senior members, and felicitate them with lifetime achievement award. There r so many artistes like Mr Birbal and Mr Manmauji who have contributed immensely to the industry but have never been properly recognized by our popular awards. About time we thanked these pioneers and assure them that their Association hasn’t forgotten them.

In our second year we wish to turn CINTAA into a celebration by conducting regular activities for our members, interactive sessions, workshops, counselling sessions, financial advice etc.

Thanks and deep regards,
Shri Sushant Singh
Hon. Gen. Secretary